Bombay Shops And Establishments Act, 1948

Bombay Shops And Establishments Act, 1948

    This enactment deals with the Health & Welfare of employees. It also deals with working hours, leave etc. This enactment is applicable where factories Act is not applicable and sales and/or services are carried out

    • Applicability
    • Sales and/or services are carried on
      Services should fall under the purviews of this enactment
      Area is notified to be coverable under this enactment

    • Requirements
    • Each state or local authority appointed by state has its own rules and procedure for obtaining Registrations and renewals. It requires application, payment of fees maintenance of various registers, records etc.

    • Consequences
    • There are penalties for different breaches and contraventions. For any non or less compliances of the rules, owners and manager of the establishment shall each be guilty of an offence punishable with imprisonment and/or fine. There are provisions of enhanced penalty after previous conviction

Services We Offer

  • Application & obtaining of Shops & Establishment registration under the Act
  • Renewal of Shops and Establishment license
  • Providing consultancy and guidance regarding rules pertaining to Shop & Establishment Rules
  • Assistance to establishments in complying various monthly compliance under the Act

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