Maternity Benefits Act

Maternity Benefits Act

The Act regulates employment of women in certain establishments for a certain period before and after child birth and provides for maternity and other benefits. The Act applies to mines, factories, circus, industry, plantation and shops and establishments employing ten or more persons, except employees covered under the Employees State Insurance act, 1948. It can be extended to other establishments by the state governments. There is no wage limit for coverage under the Act. The Central Government is Appropriate Government in respect of the Circus Industry and Mines.

Services We Offer

  • Providing consultancy and guidance regarding rules pertaining to Maternity Benefits Act
  • Providing guidance in maintaining Registers required under the Act
  • Preparation & Submission of Annual return as prescribed under the act
  • Assistance in ensuring compliance of various provisions of the act related to disclosures, notices, displays, etc.

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