The Bombay Labor Welfare Fund Act, 1953

The Bombay Labor Welfare Fund Act, 1953

This enactment intends for financing of welfare activities in the state of Maharashtra. Contributions are paid twice a year to the welfare fund

  • Applicability
  • To every factory
    To shops or commercial establishment applying 5 or more persons

  • Requirements
  • Contribution is to be deducted and paid in respect of the employees who are present on the muster roll as 30th June and 31st December every year
    The form A1 cum return alongwith cheque to be submitted
    Unpaid wages and bonus after 3 yrs. need to be deposited with welfare fund

  • Consequences
  • Payment of contributions interest and penalty
    Provisions of imprisonment & fine are there in the enactment

Services We Offer

  • Registration under MLWF Act
  • Preparing and submitting Half yearly Returns
  • Collection & Deposition of MLWF Dues
  • Updation of Rates as per existing in different states
  • Replying to Show Cause Notices & Demand Notices issued under MLWF Act

Central & State Specific Labour Laws & Rules

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